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Why We Do What We Do

My name is Sona and I would like to share with you my story about where Stuffed by S&S started from. S&S stands for Sita & Sona, Sita was my Grandma & where the passion that has been passed down generations in our family started from. 

Growing up you would never be able to visit our house and leave feeling hungry as my dad from as young as I can remember would go straight into the kitchen & whip up a meal with anything he could find, in all honesty I have never known anyone so creative in the kitchen. 

My dads passion for cooking took a step back when unfortunately we had some really tough times as a family and he needed to use his focus on caring for his family which has always been his number 1 priority. 

About 5 years ago my dad was approached about making the base of a curry for a family member who was working all the hours you could imagine & was missing authentic curry’s and didn’t have the time to cook. That is when our base sauce came to life. My dad started off making it for family who then told neighbours who then told friends and before we knew it people were asking if they could order 10 at a time & freeze them and the demand was unbelievable. I was carrying 10 sauces at a time on the train for work colleagues who were so excited at what they had discovered, I can honestly say I was shocked myself at how much demand there was as this was something I grew up eating and didn’t realise how lucky I was.

In 2017 we opened a restaurant in Southend called Sita’s, Good old home cooked comfort food, made fresh everyday. Those who were regulars will know what I mean about the amount of love that came from Sita’s food. Sita’s curry base (Tarka) which was the base of most of our dishes is your answer to a curry in a hurry. 

What everyone loves about the base is that it is authentic, fresh, versatile and nothing like what you can currently get in the supermarkets. It can be used as a marinade, a base for a meat curry, for dhaal, kidney beans, in stir fry’s, to give your baked beans the wow factor and even to create amazing pasta dishes. The base is healthy, full of fresh ingredients, vegan, gluten free & dairy free.

This business has come from a lot of hardships that we have faced as a family and has been a big distraction to myself and also my dad who has lost many loved ones and began losing himself. 

Stuffed by S&S, this is Sita & Sona’s start to conquer the curry loving industry. I have every belief that our base sauce will be a success and I am confident that anyone that tries it will fall in love with it and make it a regular in their kitchen.We look forward to sharing our passion from our kitchen to yours.



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